Oana Mindrut | Self Love Coach

Simple Website with the purpose of informing and selling coaching services and sharing thoughts on blog. The website collects Emails through a pop-up on the main page and promotes YouTube and other social media channels through various ways.

roxanamag.ro | Muzician Website

I created a modern and glamorous website for a Romanian folklore musician. Design elements (theme, colors, fonts), photography selection and integration are my own creation.

selfieseeker.com | 30 Days Challenge Webpage

For this project I created the a one pager challenge page that shared information and offered a newsletter subscription opportunity. The website installation at IONOS, security plugins and cookie policy were task I also undertook for this project.


smileyioana.com | Travel Inspiration Platform

Travel blog and website promoting adventures and places in blog posts. Connected to WordPress Reader. The website contains google Adds and Amazon Affiliate products. Uses different widgets for promoting social media accounts. Contains forms for collecting information for the community members that want to write own posts.

square cards | Personalised Digital Postcards

Created whole website, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages and content, social media campaigns.