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DastN is an IT solutions company. Provides its services in different sectors: IT consulting services, software development, digital marketing, E-commerce, and branding. We are international and dedicated to enrich business owners and their clients. We are using innovation to keep up with technology change. The only thing that does not change is our dedication towards our clients and our belief that the impossible doesn’t exist.

Getting a good service might be easy to find since the German market is always heedful with the quality of its products and services. Still, the real challenge is to find the perfect service combined with competitive cost and short executing time. Here is what distinguish us:

We are a group of multi-skilled professionals from different nationalities who use innovative technologies to fulfill clients' needs.

Speaking different languages, the flexibility of time and location, integration in services, and reaching all markets are traits that distinguish DastN in its work field.

DastN is an open-source company that means its clients do not require to pay for licenses unless they request heavily trafficked services, and its sources are constantly under development.
We focus on search engine optimization (SEO) to target quality traffic and achieve the best ranking results on search engines, helping to improve the online marketing process.

We do not only provide services, but we also provide customized solutions that are designed mainly to each customer's need and implemented on several stages to assure efficiency and quality with the fewer clicks strategy, all at the most affordable costs.

In addition to free-of-charge end-user training for up to six months, not to forget that our provided services and applications are upgraded to keep up with the market need.

Our mission:

Our mission is to merge modern technology in marketing and business to expand companies and create a healthy work culture where all are equal and even- offering opportunities to embark for enthusiastic individuals without any discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, or belief. As a team of professionals, our only focus is on the quality of our performance and clients' satisfaction.

Our vision:
DastN vision is to inaugurate digitalization to support the growth of companies and individuals and be the substance of their success through amalgamate our modern solutions and ideas in their businesses. We aim to become pioneers in building a modern digitalized business community.

Our values:
Creativity, Privacy, Integration, Thoroughness, Professionalism

Social responsibility
Like all leading companies, DastN takes on the duty to contribute to community service and provide public benefit and knowledge on fixed foundations. At the forefront of its commitment comes the training of students whose field of study and competence intersects with us, providing advice and assistance to students in their projects and participates in them until their finish. Furthermore, it is possible to choose the elite between them to be within the framework. Moreover, the students will get training certificates from DastN, or in specific words DastN Academy. In addition, several programs are planned to support the community: Offers, Campaigns, internships, trainee programs, incubator programs, and more.

In addition, we pursue the UN Sustainable Development Goals by supporting charities and charitable projects and contributing to all international events and human cases. As detailed in our strategies, we will miss no chance to perform in our community, considering ourselves a power that moves society forward.


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